May 22, 2012

I'm pregnant!

As many of my friends are aware by now, our family is preparing to welcome baby #2.  I haven't been as overt with this pregnancy as I was with Brayden simply because times are different.  I'm very busy with Brayden and distracted by my work, not to mention that the second time around doesn't feel as momentous as the first for some reason.  I mean, I'm still in awe over every new milestone Brayden hits and they seem to be happening every week, if not daily.  He has such a huge part of my heart right now that baby #2 is somewhat unfathomable -- until the birth day, I'm sure.

In an effort to prepare Brayden (who am I kidding, myself) for the arrival of his sibling, Andrew and I decided to find out the sex at our 18 week ultrasound.  Because I really enjoyed having everyone guess what I was having the first time around, I wanted to make sure we made the reveal to our families momentous.  Reveal parties are really trendy right now so we hopped on that bandwagon and hosted two!  One for my side of the family and another for Andrew's.  We had decided that since Andrew's sister would be in town visiting from Boston on Mother's Day, we'd delay the reveal until then. (Approx. 1 month.)

The reason for hosting the parties separately, however, was that in addition to my exciting news, my sister and bff Meg, is also expecting her first! Our due dates are a mere 7 days apart.  It doesn't get much better than this!  Meg and JK found out the sex of their baby on the same day as we did and they just couldn't wait to tell our family.  So, together, we told the Runza's and Kostka's the very next day and had to keep the secret for about a month until revealing to the Thomson's.

Recommendation: These parties are a lot of fun and work well at drumming up extra anticipation and excitement around your surprise!

The secret is now out!
Party #1: The Runza/Kostka Reveal

Meg and I baked/decorated these cakes at 1:00 a.m. with limited bakeware.
Jen's Team Girl (Andrew was supposed to wear
a neutral colour to the party...)
Meg's Team Girl
Jen's Team Boy
Meg's Team Boy
Baby T is a GIRL!

Baby K is a BOY!

Party #2: The Thomson Reveal 

Thomson Team Boy
Thomson Team Girl
Revealing the pink!